Hongli Self-Heating FIR Theraplast

Rheumatic and arthritic pain Neck, shoulder, back, leg and muscle pain Sciatic nerve pain Soft tissue injury Chronic prostatitis, dysmenorrhoea, sprains etc


Pain Relief Patch
What to benefit Self-Heating FIR Theraplast activates warmth naturally by air to ease pains and reduce inflammation on affected skin. Self-Heating FIR Theraplast generates special electromagnetic spectrum to provide physical treatment to pain relieving without poisonous side effects. Self-Heating FIR Theraplast can be applied flexibly anytime, anywhere simply and easily. It is also environmentally friendly. How to use Before applying Self-Heating FIR Theraplast, ensure affected skin free of fair, clean and dry. Open sealed aluminium bag and take out the folded plaster. Rub the plaster slightly for a while to accelerate heating before using. Peel off protective paper at one side of the plaster and apply to the desired areas. Remove it carefully and throw away until no warmth can be felt. If necessary, use air-permeable bandage at joint positions to fasten it better. If one allergy the tape for individual case, folding the tape and stick to underwear to avoid affected skin contact. It is recommended to apply this plaster at night for a better treatment effect. What to notice It is not recommended to apply Self-Heating FIR Theraplast for individual with pregnancy, lactation, high fever, diabetes, active tuberculosis, malicious tumour, damaged skin, wound, mucous membrances, eyes, rashes and children under 12 years of age. If heat effect is felt to be too strong in individual cases, application must be discontinued. Keep out of reach of children and pet! External and single use only. Use the plaster before expiry date printed on package. Store in a cool and dry place. Please notify us if you observe any undesired effects without containing in the package. Thank you!


12-16 hours warm
  • 70-B